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Code editting in VIM


This talk included general information about how to get started in vim. I talked about some cheats in using vim. This talk was 20 minutes. The main topics that I talked about was the modes in VIM, editing files side by side and some basic commands in normal mode. You can find the slides in here.

Virtualization Workshop


This was a 3 hour workshop about the fundamentals of virtualization with emphasis on application oriented virtualization (Docker). The workshop included topics below:

Introduction to Cloud Orchestration


It was a 40 minute talk about cloud orchestration and challenges involved with cloud orchestration. In this talk I presented the following topics:

Approximate Counting Algorithms


It was a 20 minute presentation about approximate counting methods. In this talk I presented the following topics:

K8s Tutorial


I held a 2 hour tutorial about k8s and basics of Kubernetes. You can find the slides of the tutorial in this link.


Teaching experience 2

Workshop, University 1, Department, 2015

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