How to use nuxt modules

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In this post I’ll talk about how to use Nuxt.js with nuxt modules.


Nuxt.js is a framework based on Vue.js and webpack and has gained lots of attentions recently. It’s primary purpose is creating Universal Vue.js Applications.

In this blog post we’re going to talk about how to setup Nuxt.js with nuxt-modules and setting up a simple Nuxt.js module.

Getting started


This tutorial assumes that you already know what is Vue.js. If don’t you can read about it here.

Installing Nuxt.js

First install Nuxt.js:

As stated in the docs installing is pretty simple.

$ vue init nuxt/starter <project-name>

Then simply install the dependencies.

$ cd <project-name>
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Now you should be able to view the the site on http://localhost:3000

Using nuxt-modules

Nuxt modules are a modular way of extending Nuxt.js and better integration with libraries out there. In this tutorial we’re going to use the Bootstrap with Nuxt which is something that you need first when installing Nuxt.

In order to use bootstrap.


npm install --save @nuxtjs/bootstrap-vue

Add @nuxtjs/bootstrap-vue to modules section of nuxt.config.js

modules: [

Congratulations! :tada: :tada:

Now you can use bootstrap solely or bootstrap with Vue.js friendly API. To find more about using bootstrap with Vue.js friendly API see here

For example inorder to make sure that this works.

Clear all the contents of the layouts/default.vue and pages/index.vue.

Put a simple bootstrap card in the pages/index.vue.

<div class="card">
  <div class="card-block">
    <h4 class="card-title">Card title</h4>
    <h6 class="card-subtitle mb-2 text-muted">Card subtitle</h6>
    <p class="card-text">Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.</p>
    <a href="#" class="card-link">Card link</a>
    <a href="#" class="">Another link</a>

Now you should be able to see a bootstrap card on http://localhost:3000.

We have provided a live example at here. Feel free to play with it and improve it!

Further Reading

If you’re intrested and you want to use more nuxt.js modules see below: